echoflux Jasen hooked up with Leo in early 2004 when he was dj'ing in an Edmonton Club. Together they co-founded an entity called Echoflux. This collective in has had countless tracks produced and released not only for the dance floor, but full production movies as well.

jasen maminski Jasen has been dj'ing since 1999 all across western Canada and is widely known for his breakbeat and hard trance sets, He has also produced numerous tracks in multiple genres and has been working with synthesizers and production gear for well over a decade. When dj'ing he is known to push the crowd hard, and would read the crowd and react accordingly bringing the crowd to newer heights. He also has an extensive background in musical instruments, playing classical piano, drums and percussion instruments, trumpet and the french horn. This background in music has helped him immensely with electronic music production and help push Echoflux into the spotlight.

leo manchik Leo has always had a passion for music, and he felt the need to share that passion with other people. He was firstly introduced to Trance music by Astral Projection, a very well known duo from Israel, Tel-Aviv. In early 1994 Leo found himself absolutely amazed by their performance in one of their live shows, he then decided to learn to play and produce music in general. It took him approximately 4 years to learn writing, playing and producing music he loved. He chose very unique styles of music, Dream, Trance and Goa. Between 1998 and 2004 he started producing electronic music, specifically Trance, and Dream. Many of his tracks have been showcased by local dj's in both Edmonton and Montreal throughout these years, such as Citron, The Dome, Red Light, Majestic, Boilers, Velvet Lounge, Rum Jungle and the Skybar. This exposure helped create a foundation that would eventually open up doors to start his music career. He then later signed numerous contracts with Entrophoria, Diluvian Motion Pictures, Intraxx and KO Productions for future projects since they saw a lot of promise in this artist.

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