name   genre   bpm
Remix your heart   chillout breaks   70
Dark Chills (HyperActive Remix)   nuskool breaks   130
Dark Chills (Original)   nuskool breaks   130
Manja   trancey breaks   130
This House Belongs To Us!   minimal trance   140
Final Temptation   downtempo   65
Psychotic Reaction   hard trance   90
Psychological Ambience   hard trance   150
Life after Death   trance   140
Harmonia   trancey breaks   90
Overchop   nuskool breaks   135
Beneath The Oceans (Demo)   trance   140
Lucid Project (Breakbeat mix)   nuskool breaks   135
Lucid Project (HyperActive Remix)   hard trance   130
Lucid Project (Original)   hard trance   140
Overdosed   trance   130
Apache Nights   nrg   150
Flutter Step   nrg   155
Are You Confused?   trance   135
Hopelessly Dreaming   trance   130
Beyond Human Sensations   dream   130
Hellion   hard trance   145
Diabolic   hard trance   140
It's A Semtimental Relief   dream   140
Goa Head N Move   trance   150
Tripped Imagination   hard trance   135
Complicated Theory   dream   125
Razor Perception   hard trance   130
Before Our Time   hard trance   130
Emanon Trip   hard trance   150
We're Under Attack   hard trance   140
All music listed here has been created by EchoFlux (Jasen Maminski & Leo Manchik) and is copyrighted as such. However we feel that all music should be freely distributed, so please feel free to download copy and share our music with others.

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